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  • Jess McLaughlan

Can you endorse me for Social Distancing on LinkedIn?

It's not easy landing the perfect engineering job. You often get put through the wringer of a million different asks, from building a mini app to debugging code to white-boarding algorithms. Finding a job in the middle of a pandemic... is damn near impossible.

Thankfully, I have some money saved, a supportive partner, and no extra expenses of going out. So far, I haven't started to freak out. Instead, I'm planning a LOT of projects.

Top 5 ideas:

  1. Learn a new language (coding or spoken)

  2. Digitize old media (CD's, miniDV tapes, etc.)

  3. Make macrame plant hanger like this

  4. Make some cool fridge magnets

  5. Create a special WFH episode of IT Girls <<<< winner! ;)

I will probably end up doing them all, but you all know which is the most exciting!

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